Moms Battery Powered Orgasm – S1:E5

Bunny Madison has been going through batteries like crazy. She can’t find any anywhere, which she shares when her stepson Juan Loco asks what she’s up to. Opening one last drawer, Bunny finds a pair of batteries and leaves the room. Juan waits a bit before going to Bunny’s bedroom to ask what she’s up to. She’s mid-masturbation with her vibrating toy, but even as she’s reassuring Juan that she’s fine Bunny’s toy runs out of batteries.Juan retrieves more batteries for his step mom and enters the room when she says to come in. When he sees Bunny in just her sheer lingerie bra and thong, he tries to avert his eyes. Bunny isn’t having it. She’s been fantasizing about Juan and his dick for a long time, and today is the day she’s going to get what she wants. Spreading her thighs, she offers herself to Juan. Who is Juan to say no to the opportunity to satisfy his big titty stepmama? He dives face first into that dripping cooch, prepping her for his big dick.When Juan gets on his knees and slides home into Bunny’s snatch, she encourages him with long moans. Then she climbs on top of him to ride him in cowgirl as she shoves those lovely bobbies into his face. When she turns around to ride in reverse cowgirl, she holds nothing back between her bounces and her tit massage. Getting on her knees, Bunny rocks back to meet Juan’s doggy strokes. Then she drops to her knees on the floor to suck and stroke Juan off until he delivers a big nut that dribbles down her chest. As they’re coming down, Bunny tells Juan that she doesn’t need batteries anymore now that she has him.