I Saw You Looking And I Liked It – S5:E4

Armani Black makes sure to get herself all soaped up in the shower, paying special attention to her big boobs and her bare twat. When she has rinsed the suds clean from her front, she tries to get her back and realizes that she can’t reach. Yelling out for her stepson Peter Green, Armani insists he come soap her up. Peter insists that she not make it weird, but once he gets an eyeful of his hot stepmommy naked, he realizes he really likes what he sees.Armani dries off and comes out of the bathroom in just a towel to confront Peter about it. She tells him she saw him looking and she liked it, so they should just get this out of the way and fuck. Peter wants to know if it’s a trap, but Armani grabs his hand to put it right on her clit. Licking Peter’s finger, she guides it into her creamy twat. From finger banging his hot bigtit stepmommy to having her hands, mouth, and even tits wrapped around his cock, Peter stops trying to resist the inevitable. Besides, he’s been daydreaming about tapping that since the day his dad brought Armani home.Once Armani has Peter committed to her pleasure, she turns around and sinks down onto his dick right where he’s sitting. Bouncing on that fuck stick in reverse cowgirl is just the start. She wants it hard and deep, and Peter delivers in doggy. Rolling onto her back so Peter can admire the bounce of those lovely jugs as he bangs her, Armani throws her head back and moans nice and loud to encourage him to keep pounding her. Armani enjoys one last big O as she rides Peter in cowgirl, then hops off and sucks her own juices off him as she helps him cum into her waiting open mouth.